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Mat Classes

In Lauren Levine Online Mat Classes, prepare to truly breathe, learn deep body awareness and move your body in a way that brings balance and healing to your system. To Move Beautifully is to connect within yourself on a deeper level, to organize your body movement from the inside out and to allow it to come to the surface to beautifully express all that you are. This Movement helps bring your body out of pain and into deeper, balanced strength and alignment. 

Barre Classes

Use your "barre" as a tool to help push and pull Movement through your body. Lauren Levine Online Barre allows your body to open and flow in a luxurious way that will beckon you to sign in to your next barre experience. This is an untraditional Barre class that will work your body beautifully, and not leave you sore! After all, the beauty of Movement is being able to reach your goals without all the pain you believe you need to endure to get there. 

Foam Roller Classes

Escape the moment and leave stress and anxiety behind. Lauren Levine Online Foam Roller Classes open your heart, mind and soul into the possibilities of your body expansion. Reach new open spaces you didn't realize you needed and wanted to open. Find new activation of muscles you didn't realize you had. And just as easily as you escaped into this heart opening class, you will just as easily carry it with you throughout your day. You will need two tennis balls and a foam roller.

What Our Members Are Saying

"Lauren has a way of making you understand how your body functions from the inside and out. I am always at peace with myself, stronger, and ready to face whatever comes my way. Thank you!!"

Lissa E.

"Personalized, Professional and Experienced! This Studio is one of the best I've ever been to. Bravo!!!!"

Michael W.

"I look forward to every workout with Lauren Levine Online. This is the one membership you're going to get huge value from! "

Belinda H.

"Exactly what I needed - an amazing workout, deep breathing, and amazing support from a knowledgeable instructor. I know that tomorrow I will feel all of the muscles I worked tonight but the class was so meditative I honestly forgot I was working out. Lauren is a phenomenal teacher and I cannot wait for my next class!!"

Molly G.

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Unlimited Method Mat Classes

Unlimited Barre Classes

Unlimited Foam Roller Classes

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