Unlimited classes designed to restore beautifully balanced Movement to your system wherever you are, on your own schedule.

These classes allow you to breathe better, rebalance your pelvic floor, reduce pain and tension in your body and reset your nervous system. 

Start here

Would you like a little guidance into the foundation of Lauren Levine Movement? THIS is exactly where you Start your journey! Take it slower to learn to breathe better, tap into your pelvic floor, make a few internal connections and begin to feel amazing shifts in your body! After Moving Beautifully through the Start of your journey, choose on your own where you would like to go next, or follow the Weekly Schedule that I personally update each week!

Weekly Schedule

Would you like additional guidance to take away your concern of deciding which classes to choose for yourself each day? Follow the Weekly Schedule that I personally update each week! These chosen classes are designed to help bring your body into beautifully balanced Movement, deeper awareness, insight into your body and aligned strength. 

Mat Classes

In Lauren Levine Online Mat Classes, prepare to truly breathe, learn deep body awareness and move your body in a way that brings balance and healing to your system. To Move Beautifully is to connect within yourself on a deeper level, to organize your body movement from the inside out and to allow it to come to the surface to beautifully express all that you are. This Movement helps bring your body out of pain and into deeper, balanced strength and alignment. 

Barre Classes

Use your "barre" as a tool to help push and pull Movement through your body. Lauren Levine Online Barre allows your body to open and flow in a luxurious way that will beckon you to sign in to your next barre experience. This is an untraditional Barre class that will work your body beautifully, and not leave you sore! After all, the beauty of Movement is being able to reach your goals without all the pain you believe you need to endure to get there. 

Foam Roller Classes

Escape the moment and leave stress and anxiety behindLauren Levine Online Foam Roller Classes open your heart, mind and soul into the possibilities of your body expansion. Reach new open spaces you didn't realize you needed and wanted to open. Find new activation of muscles you didn't realize you had. And just as easily as you escaped into this heart opening class, you will just as easily carry it with you throughout your day. You will need two tennis balls and a foam roller.


Open and access spaces in your body using your at home Springwall and the resistance of springs!

Connect areas within your body and bring yourself deeper into your newly found balanced Movement.

Mindfulness Meditations

Learn to access more breathing space and reset your nervous system through these diaphragmatic breathing meditations. Breathing in this guided manner brings you out of stress and anxiety and into a calm, restful, rejuvenated state. These meditations are designed to allow more oxygen in to create more blood vessels within your body to heal you deeper, retrain and rebalance your pelvic floor, release neck pain, hip pain, and tight muscles and make you a happier, healthier person.

35 Minutes & Under

Want to Move Beautifully, but don’t have much time?

Join me in these quick classes to restore beautifully balanced Movement to your system! Release pain, reawaken sleeping spaces and reset your body into greater awareness and strength while on the go.

As a Tensegrity Medicine bodywork practitioner I recommend Lauren Levine Online to all my clients. Restoring balanced tension with manual treatment is one thing, but strengthening a new pattern and creating new circuitry happens through movement! Lauren Levine Movement and Lauren Levine Online connects the dots for inside out balanced strength. It is the most brilliant method I have ever tried and has gotten me out of SO many pain patterns in my own body. The way Lauren layers in movement helps the body turn off over engaged patterns in order to turn on inhibited or weak patterns. It is safe, gentle and gets quick results. 

~Liz McNulty; M.S. in Rehab Sciences, Tensegrity Medicine Practitioner





Unlimited Method Mat Classes

Unlimited Barre Classes

Unlimited Foam Roller Classes

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Unlimited Method Mat Classes

Unlimited Barre Classes

Unlimited Foam Roller Classes

And More!!

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