"If you have ever wanted your body to move more easily, in strength, fluidity and pain free, I cannot recommend Lauren Levine and Lauren Levine Movement more. In the four plus years I have been going to Lauren and learning all she has to share about how to get our bodies to move in a more natural and healthy way, I have never felt stronger -  without stiffness or any of the other "side effects" of other body movement classes. Now, you can access her beautiful methods online. Lauren also offers private online and in person sessions to help you get started and more fully to understand her philosophy of how all of the pieces of our body work together for us. This Friday  will be 3 years since my first horseback riding lesson - at age 46 -  and I don't think I could've done so much with this new passion without Lauren!!! " 

~ Wendy Johnson Keefer; Equestrian Instructor and Attorney at Law


"After working with Lauren for a few months, I am ecstatic that she has helped me heal my diastasis recti. I had tried just about everything (online DR specific courses, avoiding sit ups, etc) and decided a tummy that pooched out was something I would have to learn to love. In my first class, Lauren helped me reset my posture. She gave me moves to practice at home for a few minutes every day. I found myself constantly correcting my alignment - while working out, running, sitting down, riding bikes with my kids, and in the car. I could feel a change happening - so much so that I changed the position of my car seat to sit up straighter! I was challenged mentally and physically by Lauren and at the end of my sessions, my DR feels completely healed! No more pooch!!! I am so grateful for Lauren, not only for helping me heal my DR, but for helping me breathe better and feel more aligned." 

~ Rives Poe: Mom of 2 + 4 Year Old, Runner, Former Teacher


To know Lauren Levine is a rare blessing!  She is a gifted, imaginative, and thoughtful expert on how to incorporate movement through a variety of methods, deriving from traditional methodology like yoga, barre and pilates with specific, inventive interpretations, creating an elevated and personalized experience for each student.  Lauren has helped me through broken rib injuries twice, strengthening my pelvic floor to increase overall body stability and helping me perfect my golf swing through movement to name only a few examples.

Lauren’s practice of elevated movement is a mind/body synergy that transcends the notion of strength to overall wellness.  Beyond all of her professional expertise, Lauren is without a doubt one of the most special individuals on the planet.  Her genuine and thoughtful nature make each person feel valued and supported.  Lauren’s studio reflects the grace and elegance of Lauren and is a welcoming space enhancing the joy of movement for all who enter. There has not been a time, in six years, that I did not leave Lauren’s studio feeling renewed in mind, body and spirit with invigorated strength to live my best life possible.

~Linda Walder Cotto


"Lauren Levine Movement is truly an amazing form of movement. Lauren could not be more aware and nurturing of each individual in her approach. This method, through small,  precise movements, allows an arising of whole body awareness from which every person can benefit. Lauren encourages students to be curious about what works and what does not in each individual body. She is curious about what works in your body, as well, which is so validating. Be prepared for revelations in the process. I highly recommend Lauren!"

~ Colleen Geis; Yoga Instructor, Private Chef


"Oh goodness where do I begin! I started getting really into pilates while living in the Bay Area after having reconstructive ankle surgery about a year ago, and as such, needing  a shift in my exercise routine. Since then (and I know it hasn't been that long...), BUT I have seen my fair share of instructors. I traveled for a good portion of the summer so I  have taken classes in California, Nevada, Texas, and now more recently South Carolina. So, it was during my first class with Lauren when I immediately knew she was different, in the absolute best way.  

She was extremely attentive to each of us in the class, and remarkably technical. Her cues speak to exactly what I need to improve my form and have helped me so much.  My complaining of constant low back stiffness seems to be improving much more drastically than anything else I have tried (PT, chiro). Each class she teaches is tailored precisely to who is present, and has continued to help me since that first class. 

Lauren's knowledge of movement and ability to apply it to each of her clients' needs is unlike anything I have experienced. I look forward to learning more and more with/from  her each week!

Lauren's Pelvic Floor Program was also SO helpful. I completed it near the end of my second trimester and it helped a ton with pelvic pain management. I was able to avoid a clinical diagnosis of diastasis recti during that pregnancy, and I attribute a lot of that to really consciously connecting to my abdominals during movement. I wouldn’t have known quite how to master that without Lauren’s program!!” 

~ Catherine Paris: LT, USCG, Armed Forces Volleyball Team USA, 2019 MWG


Working with Lauren throughout my pregnancy has been wonderful! She is able to tailor each Session to that week’s aches and pains. The breathing and pelvic work has helped me be more comfortable than I ever thought I would be throughout my pregnancy. I cannot more highly recommend Lauren to help out anyone through this journey!

~ Lauren Owens; Frames Unlimited owner and new Mom


 "Just as it is clear that you were born to be a dancer (this is evident without having seen you dance per se), it is clear that you were also meant to be a teacher who students feel privileged and lucky to learn from. You are indeed a top-tier instructor, both gifted and talented, and I am so happy to be working with you! "

~ Holly Hadley; Psy.D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist


Exactly what I needed- an amazing workout, deep breathing, and amazing support from a knowledgeable instructor. I know that tomorrow I will feel all of the muscles I worked tonight but the class was so meditative I honestly forgot I was working out. Lauren is a phenomenal teacher and I cannot wait for my next class!

~ Molly Griggs


Lauren Levine and Lauren Levine Movement has been the best movement program I have ever been in. Every class has a purpose and geared to keep you moving correctly to stay out of pain and discomfort. Recently, Lauren worked with me on different ways to help my left shoulder get relief from pain, and to find more mobility.  By working together, Lauren gave me exercises to do at home, and now I don’t have any discomfort and more range of motion in my arm.

Her program is so much more than just exercises, you will definitely get in shape, but it is so much more. I am a ballet teacher, and an older individual, and I do have some movement limitations. Through breathing techniques and body awareness I am able to move precisely and with purpose in my daily life and while teaching children ranging in ages 3 to 12. I have more energy which to me is amazing, and my days have more focus.

Lauren has a way of making you understand how your body functions from the inside and out. I am always at peace with myself, stronger, and ready to face whatever comes my way.

Lauren Levine Movement is not just a class to attend, it has become an important part of my life and a necessary one for me. I thank you Lauren for all the time and effort I know that goes on behind each class you teach.

 ~ Lissa Eckerle; Ballet Instructor


"Thank you for sharing your gift. I loved every minute of it. The breath-work I've learned has been life changing. I realized yesterday that when I was in proper alignment face down on a massage table, that the breath-work in that position came naturally. I feel the calm brought on, my body being nourished by the oxygen and my brain working better. Very interesting stuff. Looking forward to the next Session."

~Olivia Vedad; Massage Therapist


"Lauren Levine Movement is unlike any other workout I've done, Lauren has truly created something amazing. At other places felt like needed to torture myself to do it "right". Lauren has taught me different!!! The classes are engaging and challenging, the people are welcoming, and I LOVE going! The days I go to Lauren are my favorite days of the week. As a result I'm living a more active life, working out 5-6 days a week (I can't believe I'm writing that, but it's true!) and my body is feeling better than ever. The hip pain that I've lived with for years is even starting to subside. You'll love the small class sizes and personalized attention. I can't recommend Lauren and Lauren Levine Movement more highly, it's incredible!"

~ Belinda Hare; Ecommerce Director


I've worked with Lauren for nearly a decade in a variety of settings- larger group classes, smaller group classes, private sessions, virtually, and in-person- and she is "the body whisperer." She understands the body and has an uncanny way of figuring out the root of each person's ailments and pain, simply by watching a person move. At first sight, Lauren's approach may appear simplistic, but her fastidious method of instruction provides results and I have seen my body change. She possesses a gift of deconstructing the imbalances and weaknesses of each individual's body in a nonjudgmental manner and then providing a remedy that is gentle and sustainable, yet also challenging. Lauren's attentive, kind, and genuine demeanor bestows everyone exiting her class a sense of accomplishment, encouragement, and peace. 

~ Jennifer Poon, M.D.



Pelvic Floor Program


“Lauren is a true master of the body. She focuses on the inter-connectedness of all parts of the body and teaches you how they work together. At age 63, she taught me how to breathe correctly! She is amazing. I would highly recommend her.”

~Karen Lawson-Johnston; Sales Specialist


“I had no idea how much it could help me to have a better understanding of my pelvic floor and it’s role in my body’s movements until I took Lauren’s Pelvic Floor Program.  From the very first class I was so excited about the “a-ha” moments I was having.  Lauren is an incredible teacher and so knowledgable about the body and the importance of the pelvic floor.  I re-learned how to breath - never knowing before that I wasn’t getting my breaths into every part of my body.  Now, when I focus on breathing the way Lauren taught me in this class, I can feel a huge difference in my strength.  Because Lauren realizes every person’s body is different and everybody learns differently, she makes sure each participant in the program had a clear understanding of their own body and the cues that are most effective in helping each person use their body most efficiently.  I loved this program, and believe it has made a huge difference in my breathing, my alignment, my strength and my confidence.”

~Carol Cottrell; Spiritual Medium


“Pelvic floor Program with Lauren Levine is mind blowing...a true game changer to get out of pain patterns. She studies a video of YOUR breathing, YOUR posture, YOUR case history and individualizes the exercises to balance your breathing and intra-abdominal pressure. This is NOT about kegel exercises and belly breathing because Lauren understands that pelvic floor strength is about restoring 3-dimensional balance of the entire container and that each one of us is so different that an individualized approach is critical. Lauren’s instruction brings awareness to this beautiful container within us in such a way that now I think about my alignment and breathing all the time...walking, driving, working and now my SI pain has gone away and I feel a strength I’ve never had before! 
Thank you Lauren!!!”

~ Liz McNulty; M.S. in Rehab Sciences, Tensegrity Medicine Practitioner

The Pelvic Floor Program was life changing for me.  Lauren was able to identify key issues and develop individualized strategies to improve them. I am still a work in progress, but she taught me so much about my postpartum body that I had not considered, even though I am in the medical field. This program has allowed me to return to the activities I love without fear of constant leakage, pain, or worry that I am injuring my body more. I cannot say enough AMAZING things about Lauren, her teaching abilities, and her ability to connect with each person on a deeper level of understanding. If you are a momma of any age and considering this program, take the leap and trust that Lauren has got you covered! You just need to believe that you deserve it as much as she does!

~ Jodie Rush; PT, DPT, COMT, OCS


"Hearing you speak about the pelvic floor alone is enough to create changes in the spine and pelvic alignment.  It is enough to help one use muscles they almost never use.  I now feel more confident with my gait which I have long had trouble with.  I have also come to appreciate the value of patience and that less is more.  You don’t have to be in pain to learn to move the way God made you to move."

~ Anouchka Douyan



Personal Story


"I am currently 56 years old.  After having had a hysterectomy at the age of 24 along with 5 other Laproscopy surgeries, scar tissue had become very problematic for me.  Then, when  you add in the many years of bad movement, poor posture and the birth of two children, it is fair to say my abdominal/pelvic area is/was a mess!  By the time I was 45, I had already had 2 surgeries to repair damages internally that scar tissue had caused.  The last repair surgery was due to the scar tissue knotting my bladder into my intestines causing my MRI to show a mass in my pelvic area.  It was causing me pain along with intestinal discomfort and bladder discomfort.  Following that surgery in 2008, my Uro-Gynecologist at UAB in Birmingham said that I should not allow any abdominal surgeries unless it is a matter of life and death.  He said any further surgeries will only make my scar tissue issue worse.  He also suggested yoga/pilates.  He said the stretching techniques used in those type of programs would help the scar tissue stay more pliable a little longer.  I had been having bowel difficulties for about 15 years, but through time it had gradually gotten worse.  Then, last year in 2018, I was diagnosed with Rectocele and Cystocele.  I was having difficulty urinating and my bowels on the right side would barely move.    When I questioned my Gastroenterologist about my bowel problems, they said I would need to take Miralax for the motility disorder.  As for the Rectocele and Cystocele, those would have to be corrected through surgery.  I WAS DEVASTATED!!  I took my devastation, however, and let it become my determination.  There had to be another way!  I asked Urologist about female physical therapy.  He said it would be worth a try, so I tried it.  I had physical therapy twice a week for almost 5 months.  At first, it was helpful, it gave my bladder some strength.  As the months of physical therapy progressed, however, my pain, due to scar tissue, progressed.  They were trying to help me with the pain with massages, laser therapy, etc., but I finally got to a point that I could not take the pain any longer so I had to quit going.  I want to interject here that a lot of women that have had hysterectomies at an early age as I did go through similar situations.  In some cases, the scar tissue damage accompanied by the amount of strong pain medication they take for the pain causes them to have a shorter life expectancy rate succumbing to their issues in their 50’s and early 60’s.  I was even informed by one of my doctors, following my hysterectomy, that MY life expectancy rate was cut short.  This is when, initially, I began to use my devastation to  become my determination.
Although I had followed my Uro-Gynecologist’s advice and have been involved in yoga and/or pilates for the past 12 years, my scar tissue issues worsened.  After having to stop Physical Therapy due to the scar tissue pain, I began working with Lauren to help correct my pelvic floor issues.  Little did I know, my journey for finding answers other than surgery began Lauren’s journey for finding ways to help women with their pelvic floor issues.  Lauren has helped me tremendously!!  Her approach is unique to you and your specific pelvic floor issue.  She helps you develop a plan of rehabilitation that is uniquely yours.  It does involve “homework,” but it doesn’t take a lot of time. Doing your homework improves your process so it is definitely worthwhile.  Six months following her pelvic floor class my urine stream became stronger, my bladder no longer ached, my abdominal pain greatly diminished, my back pain that I had had for the past 6 years was mostly nonexistent and my bowels on the right side have began to gurgle.  As for my scar tissue issue, Lauren recommended acupuncture.  I have been going for acupuncture for almost a year now and the density of the scar tissue has become more pliable by about 80%.  There were a couple of extremely dense and/or difficult spots that needed additional help.  I had cupping done to soften those spots.  I also have had a few colon massages, along with the acupuncture, to help the motility issues, which is improving as well.  My belly was hard as a rock due to the scar tissue and now it is soft and pliable everywhere you touch. I cannot get over the changes that have occurred in my pelvic region.  To me, the changes are astonishing!!  My Urologists were also astonished.  They were so impressed with my progress externally that they asked if I minded having an internal pelvic exam at my next visit so they can measure and verify the progress internally as well.  
If you are wanting a holistic approach to improving not only your personal pelvic issues, but issues you had no idea were related to your pelvic (Ex. Back pain), I would HIGHLY recommend Lauren’s pelvic floor program!!"

~ Debbie McLeod


Letters from Lauren

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